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ShoulderMaster Paver at Work Widening Road_edited.jpg
ShoulderMaster Welder at work

A Passion for the Industry

ShoulderMaster Australian Made Road Construction Equipment

A passion for creating industry innovations, born from over 35 years in the industry. Proudly industry-designed and manufactured in Australia and the USA.


ShoulderMaster designs and manufactures purpose-built innovative road construction equipment that provides superior performance, sustainability and safety features when compared to traditional road construction equipment and methods. 

In 2015 a combination of industry experience and innovation led ShoulderMaster to the development of the ShoulderMaster SM1500, Australia's first universal skid steer/wheel loader shoulder paving attachment.

Since then ShoulderMaster has expanded its R&D program to provide a fleet of purpose-built road-building equipment currently operational across Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom. In 2023 our partnership with the leaders in R&D and manufacturing in the USA, has ShoulderMaster set for growth.

We are proud to be a family business, creating regional employment opportunities, whilst being active contributors and leaders in road safety.

ShoulderMaster Spreader Trailer
ShoulderMaster Paver at work
ShoulderMaster display at Conexpo
ShoulderMaster Watercart at work
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