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Proudly 100% Australian owned, ShoulderMaster designs and manufactures purpose-built innovative road construction equipment that provides superior performance and safety features when compared to traditional road construction equipment and methods.

In 2015 a combination of industry experience and innovation led ShoulderMaster to the development of the ShoulderMaster SM1500, Australia's first universal skid steer/wheel loader shoulder paving attachment.

Since then ShoulderMaster has expanded its R&D program to provide a fleet of purpose-built road building equipment currently operational across Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom and has also tailored its design/build culture to offer a specialised service for clients requiring unique machine solutions.

We are proud to be a family business, creating regional employment opportunities, whilst being active contributors and leaders in road safety.

ShoulderMaster: Make it wide to survive
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Many regional and rural roads are narrow and have unstable road shoulders which are not uniform, have edge breaks and drop offs causing driving hazards for road users.


The risk of a vehicle crashing as a result of running off the road was 2.7 times greater on roads with narrow pavements as opposed to roads with widened pavements.

Rural undivided roads with little or no sealed shoulder of less than 0.5m, had 1.7 times higher risk of casualty crashes than roads with 2m of sealed shoulders.

1m of shoulder widening conjunction with audible lines has shown a 35% reduction in run off road crashes and 22.5% reduction in run off road death and serious injuries

Unsealed & sealed road shoulders of 1-2m significantly reduces the risk of run off road crashes by giving the motor vehicle driver an area in which to recover, regain control and get safely back onto the road.

The innovative ShoulderMaster SM2100 is the future of road safety, adding between 0.5m up to 2.3m to any road with minimal disruption to traffic.

The ShoulderMaster shoulder paving attachment is over 50% more cost effective and three times faster than that of traditional methods, giving road custodians the potential to complete twice the amount of work for the same budgets.

The reduced use of construction plant in the ShoulderMaster SM2100 process results in increased efficiency and cost savings in the reduction in the consumption of fossil fuel with an energy saving of over 70%.

The problem that all large road network systems share is that many regional roads are ageing and are not designed for today's traffic loads. Many of these roads are either narrow, have unstable shoulders, suffer edge breaks or have drop offs - all of which can cause serious driving hazards.

The repair of these issues is both time intensive and exposes work crews to live traffic, making it hazardous to both work crews and the general public.

The ShoulderMaster SM1500 or SM2100 reduces the risk by ensuring the most efficient and least intrusive placement method available today.